July 2021: Supporting Corazón Students

What this month’s newsletter covers:

  • Students from Cumbres are volunteering in their community by initiating new garden projects and cleanups. Read more in our program highlight.
  • This month we recognize Kenia for her effort in leading workshops and her enthusiasm towards volunteering. Read more about her experience in our Community Member Highlight.
  • Learn about our Scholarship Program, updates on social media, and more in our Latest News section. 
  • We’re learning about traditional markets in this month’s ¡Corazón Classroom!
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June 2021 Newsletter: Summer with Corazón

What this month’s newsletter covers:

  • Update: What is the status of volunteers’ return to Mexico? 
  • Take a look at a sanitization station and our current COVID-19 protocols for volunteers.
  • Community Member Highlight: Local volunteers
  • Behind rising lumber costs: Learn about what is contributing to an increase in lumber costs in 2021.
  • Our Spring 2021 Plea is at 70% - Almost there! Find out how you can help us reach our goal! 
  • We’re learning about Baile Folklorico de Mexico, Mexican folk dance, in this month’s, ¡Corazón Classroom! 
  • We’re Hiring! Apply for our Operations Specialist position by June 30th.
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May 2021: Summer is Near, Our First Local Project and a Construction Update

What this month’s newsletter covers: 

  • Our local Corazón members volunteered for Corazón’s first local project since the start of the pandemic. Read about their experience in the May Program Highlight.
  • Meet Luis, a Corazón scholarship student, in May’s Community Member Highlight. 
  • Read our note on a Possible Return to Construction in July
  • We’re learning about the history of papel picado or Mexican paper art in this month’s ¡Corazón Classroom!
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April 2021: It's National Volunteer Month!

What this month’s newsletter covers:

  • April is National Volunteer Month - we want to thank all of our volunteers for their hard work. 
  • We’re recognizing participants from our virtual workshop this past year.
  • Summer Camp 2021: Find out how you can volunteer and lead a Summer Camp class for the children in our communities! 
  • We’re learning about Día del Niño (Children’s Day) in this month’s ¡Corazón Classroom!
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March 2021: Scholarships, Mexican Cuisine, and a Construction Update

What this month’s newsletter covers:

  • Honoring Dat, a good friend of Corazón's.
  • Find out how much we raised to support our scholarships program in our Program Highlights! 
  • We’re recognizing the Huerta Lopez family for their dedication towards Nuevo Milenio. 
  • Read our latest news section for an important Corazón update
  • Try out our crossword puzzle and learn about the diversity of Mexican cuisine for this month’s  ¡Corazón Classroom! 
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February 2021: What's Cooking in the Month of February

What this month’s newsletter covers:

  • February 12th is National No One Eats Alone Day. Find out how you can purchase tickets for our trivia games at Corazón’s No One Eats Alone Fundraiser! 
  • Our upcoming fundraiser is supporting our Scholarships Program. Read our Programs highlight to learn more.
  • We’re recognizing Samantha for graduating from middle school this month! 
  • You may have noticed our social media updates recently - share our linktree with friends and family to help Corazón raise more awareness about our mission. 
  • We’re learning about the importance of Mexican cinema and 1970s history with Roma (2018) in this month’s ¡Corazón Classroom!
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January 2021: Happy New Year And Updates

What this month’s newsletter covers:

  • Program highlight notice - becoming a sustaining donor and recent news 
  • We recognize Isela in this month’s Community Member Spotlight! 
  • Read about our organization's scheduled Board and staff retreat this month
  • We now have 2021 Corazón Gift Certificates! Read about our certificates to find out more. 
  • We’re learning about Dia de Los Reyes, or Three Kings Day, in this month’s ¡Corazón Classroom!
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Our Progress, Giving Tuesday Report, and Corazón Gift Certificates for December 

What this month’s newsletter covers:

  • How are we combating food insecurity this month? Read about our communities’ committees, and their efforts toward distributing food vouchers for the holidays. 
  • Read our Community Member Spotlight to find out how a community member is supporting friends/family around them.  
  • Our Giving Tuesday statistics are ready. Read how Corazón supporters are helping our communities in the coming months.
  • Are you still looking for that perfect gift? Consider donating in someone’s name and we’ll send your loved one a gift certificate of your choice! 
  • We’re discussing the importance of Mexican storytelling and dichos (sayings) in this month’s, ¡Corazón Classroom! 
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Corazón's 1st Move with Your Heart Challenge Comes to an End and Updates from our Communities

What this month's newsletter covers: 

  • After a month-long challenge, Corazón’s first virtual event successfully comes to an end. Read about how much you all contributed to MYH. 
  • How are your donations from earlier this year being used to help families in our communities? Read our program and community member highlight for this month. 
  • Giving Tuesday is on December 1, 2020. See what our organization has in store for this day. 
  • Learn about Dia de Los Muertos in this month’s ¡Corazón Classroom!
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