Corazón Art Exhibit by Eva Zamora

We are excited to announce that Eva Zamora, a longtime Corazón volunteer and Blue Shirt, will be our featured artist at this year's anniversary celebration. Proceeds from her artwork sales will benefit Corazón.

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May 2024: Feliz Día de las Madres

May 2022: Celebrando el Mes de Las Madres / Celebrating Mom

What this month’s newsletter covers:

  • Take a look at our April projects in our Program Highlights!
  • We have an open build scheduled for May 21, 2022! Sign up online to volunteer for the Guevara/Tracy & Friends project!
  • Summer Camp 2022 planning is underway - Find out how you can join our planning team in our Program Highlight!
  • Meet Gloria in our Community Member Highlight!
  • We're in need of sleeping bags and tents for our summer camp students - If you can donate sleeping bags and/or a tent for our students to use please contact our office!
  • We’re learning about Mother’s Day in Mexico in this month’s !Corazón Classroom!
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April 2022: La Primavera

What this month’s newsletter covers:

  • Read about our new build season and find out how to volunteer for a project in our Program Highlights!
  • We hosted our very first Miss Primavera last month! Read about the event in our Program Highlights. 
  • Meet Oscar, a Corazón Scholar since 2018, in our Community Member Highlight! 
  • We’re learning about the Spring Equinox at Teotihuacán in this month’s ¡Corazón Classroom!
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December 2021: ¡Felices Fiestas con Corazón!


What this month’s newsletter covers:

  • Complete your end-of-the-year donations this month by helping us secure tablets and meals for families! Visit our website or contact our office if you have any questions.  
  • We completed two house builds with volunteer groups on December 4th. Look to our social media to see them hard at work! 
  • Find out how much donors raised on Giving Tuesday! Thank you for your donations.
  • We’re learning about Mexico’s holiday season for this month’s ¡Corazón Classroom!
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November 2021: Día de Los Muertos and Giving Tuesday


What this month’s newsletter covers: 

  • Join us and volunteer for a house build.  Please visit our website to register today.
  • Exciting news about our September Scholarship Campaign!
  • Meet Ana, a Corazón scholar and community member, in our community member highlight! 
  • We’re welcoming Julie, our Executive Director, and a new office! 
  • We’re learning about the significance of Dia de Los Muertos, Day of the Dead, in this month’s ¡Corazón Classroom!
  • Giving Tuesday is on November 30th. Read below to find out how you can donate. 
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October 2021: unBOOlievable ~ It's Already October with Corazón | Updates

What this month’s newsletter covers:

  • Our September Scholarship Campaign is extending to October 14th! You can still donate to get your scholarship donation matched! Visit our page to support Corazón students. 
  • Congratulations to Sabrina Gannon for winning the 2 Night Getaway with Zenaida Cellars! 
  • We’re recognizing Johanna and Marco for this month’s community member highlight.
  • We have three construction projects scheduled for this month! If you’re a member of these build groups don’t forget to sign up and read our COVID Protocols!
  • We're moving! Read our Latest News for our new location. 
  • We’re learning about Xochimilco, where the flowers grow, in this month’s ¡Corazón Classroom!
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September 2021: Fundraising in September 

What this month’s newsletter covers: 

  • Donate to our scholarship campaign this month! Follow us on social media to support this month’s fundraiser. 
  • Meet Manuel Eduardo, this year’s recipient of the Don Mersch Scholarship! 
  • Read more postcards from Corazón Summer Camp.
  • We’re learning about Chichen Itza, a historical city in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico., for this month’s Corazón Classroom! 
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August 2021: Construction Updates

What this month’s newsletter covers:

  • Construction is back with the Friends of Dat House build! Read our construction updates in this month’s Program Highlight.
  • We’re recognizing our Summer Camp 2021 volunteers!  
  • We’re learning about Basketry of Mexico in this month’s, ¡Corazón Classroom!
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July 2021: Supporting Corazón Students

What this month’s newsletter covers:

  • Students from Cumbres are volunteering in their community by initiating new garden projects and cleanups. Read more in our program highlight.
  • This month we recognize Kenia for her effort in leading workshops and her enthusiasm towards volunteering. Read more about her experience in our Community Member Highlight.
  • Learn about our Scholarship Program, updates on social media, and more in our Latest News section. 
  • We’re learning about traditional markets in this month’s ¡Corazón Classroom!
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