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    Join us for an unforgettable evening as we celebrate 45 years of meaningful impact with our organization at our upcoming Noche Mexicana. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, flavors, and traditions of Mexico as we come together to commemorate this special milestone. Mark your calendars now for an evening filled with delicious cuisine, music, and cherished memories on Saturday, July 20, 2024!


    $75 - General Admission purchased online (before July 6, 2024)

    $100 - General Admission purchased at the door 

    July 20, 2024 at 4:00pm
    Traylor Bros
    3050 E Airport Way
    Long Beach, CA 90806
    United States
    Google map and directions
    $75.00 USD · 5 rsvps rsvp

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    Ways to Give


    Donate by check:

    1505 E 17th St. Suite 114
    Santa Ana, CA 92705

    This type of donation avoids the ~3% charge we pay for processing credit card/online donations.


    Donate through our secure online giving form with your credit card. Your unrestricted gift will support the greatest and emergent needs of the communities we support.

    *Select 'One-time' when making your donation

    Make a one-time donation


    Recurring support allows you to make a larger impact over time. Your reliable support helps us to better plan and sustain vital services month after month, year after year. Start your monthly giving today.

    **Select 'Monthly' when making your donation

    Make a monthly donation


    Donate to Corazón via Zelle! Send donations using our office email: [email protected]


    If where you work offers the option, you can designate monthly or one-time donations to Corazon through the charitable deduction process your company uses (United Way or equivalent system).  Your company may also offer matching of some charitable donations, so talk to your HR department to see if that is available for your gifts to Corazón.


    You can donate stock that has appreciated in value since you obtained it.  Gifts of stock can provide a greater tax benefit to you than cash gifts while having an immediate impact on the lives of our Corazón families. Gifting stock can save you taxes in two ways: 1) by receiving a charitable deduction for the full appreciated value of the stock and 2) by avoiding a capital gains tax on the gift.

    Receiving Firm: Charles Schwab 211 Main St. San Francisco, CA 94105
    For the benefit of Corazón, Inc. P.O. Box 2669 Laguna Hills, CA 92654
    Receiving Firm's Account Number: 8123-3875
    Receiving Firm's DTC number:0164

    When you initiate your donation, please inform Corazón so that we know to look for your gift in our account and credit it to you in our records for annual tax letters. Unfortunately, Schwab does not notify us when we receive a stock gift, or the name of the donor, as they consider this as confidential information. If you intend for your donation to be for anything other than a general unrestricted donation - you also need to inform us of this at the time of the donation.  Your broker can assist you in making the gift to Corazón through our Charles Schwab brokerage account.  If you choose this method, be sure to initiate the gift a few weeks or so prior to the end of the year to allow for processing by your brokerage account. There is a limit of 30% of your AGI on the tax deduction for this type of gift.

    1. If you are over 70 and ½ years old and must take RMD from an IRA, you can donate all or a portion of your RMD (up to a limit of $100,000/year or your annual RMD requirement, whichever is less) directly to Corazon as a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD). You arrange for this donation through your IRA provider who mail the donation directly to us.  The donation satisfies the requirement for the RMD without counting as income to you.  Because your income is reduced by the amount of the QCD, you cannot also deduct it from your taxes, but the reduction in income has at least the same effect.  In addition, there are two additional possible advantages:
    1. If you have no other significant tax deductions, you can take the standard deduction on your tax return but still have the full advantage of the donation. 
    2. Your MAGI (used to determine your annual Medicare premiums) will be lower by the amount of the QCD, potentially allowing you to pay a lower premium.

    Like the stock donation above, you should initiate this process several weeks before the end of the year to allow adequate time for your IRA provider to process the gift.


    You can make a bequest in your will or make Corazón a beneficiary of your life insurance, retirement account, or other investment or bank accounts. These gifts will ensure a lasting impact on our Corazón families. Please let us know the details of any bequests or beneficiary selections in Corazón's name that you make.


    Please contact our office at [email protected] with a description and photo of the item(s) you want to donate. 


    Email us at [email protected]

  • Volunteer Information

    Thank you for registering to participate in the Pacific Paradise Pools and CA Smartscape 9/10 project. We're so excited you are volunteering to build a home with us! The following information will inform you of what to expect when volunteering for this construction project. 


    • Review of COVID-19 Protocols
    • Recommended tools and Personal Items to bring 
    • Valid US Passports are required
    • Ideas for house warming gifts 
    • Schedule for a sample build day 
    • About the family and the community

    COVID-19 Protocols 

    We updated our COVID-19 Protocols for Volunteers (06.01.2022).

    To review Corazón's COVID-19 Protocols, please click here:

    Tools and Personal Items

    House Warming Gifts 

    Welcome a family into their new home! (No money please)

    • Bags of beans or rice 
    • kitchen utensils 
    • set of dishes 
    • pots or pans 
    • towels 
    • bedding (standard size)
    • curtain and curtain rods (3-3' and 1-2'x2')
    • school supplies for children

    Sample Build Day 

    Meeting Locations:

    Build Meeting Location A 
    4AM Bus Meetup
    18100 Brookhurst St
    Fountain Valley, CA 92708
    Google map and directions

    Build Meeting Location B
    6AM Bus Meetup
    360 E H St
    Chula Vista, CA 91910
    Google map and directions

    • 4 or 6 AM - Meet Up! Lead builders will inform you of important safety procedures, including COVID-19 Protocols. 
    • 6:45 AM - Bus over the border together. 
    • 7 AM - Arrive at the build site. Listen to Lead builder instructions. 
    • 12 PM - Lunch and Learn
    • 1 PM - Return to work
    • 4:30 PM - Closing Ceremony (if applicable)
    • 5-6 PM - Departure for border

    About the Family and Community 

    Salinas Ponce Family

    The Salinas Ponce family is from Nayarit and has lived in Flores Magon for 20 years. They have participated in Corazón since 2018, when they discovered the programs that are carried out in the community. Gisela is cheerful, hard-working and persevering. She is an artisan, makes piñatas and clothes for dolls, and stays positive in the face of adversity. Her goals and dreams are to help her family move forward. With her participation in the community, the Salinas Ponce family wants to achieve a house construction to provide a safe roof for the children in the family. The family shares that monthly rent payments for where they live now are usually very complicated to make. This project will completely change the life of the Salinas Ponce family. They share their gratitude for your support, and they hope that this great gift will bless everyone.


    Your group will be helping the Salinas Ponce family construct their home in our Flores Magon community. Flores Magon is located in Tijuana, Baja California. 

    Help a family build their new home!


    Donate to our Education Fund today!

    Tag us on social media!



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    Save Adult Summer Camp to Your Calendar!


  • May 2022: Celebrando el Mes de Las Madres / Celebrating Mom

    What this month’s newsletter covers:

    • Take a look at our April projects in our Program Highlights!
    • We have an open build scheduled for May 21, 2022! Sign up online to volunteer for the Guevara/Tracy & Friends project!
    • Summer Camp 2022 planning is underway - Find out how you can join our planning team in our Program Highlight!
    • Meet Gloria in our Community Member Highlight!
    • We're in need of sleeping bags and tents for our summer camp students - If you can donate sleeping bags and/or a tent for our students to use please contact our office!
    • We’re learning about Mother’s Day in Mexico in this month’s !Corazón Classroom!
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    April 2022: La Primavera

    What this month’s newsletter covers:

    • Read about our new build season and find out how to volunteer for a project in our Program Highlights!
    • We hosted our very first Miss Primavera last month! Read about the event in our Program Highlights. 
    • Meet Oscar, a Corazón Scholar since 2018, in our Community Member Highlight! 
    • We’re learning about the Spring Equinox at Teotihuacán in this month’s ¡Corazón Classroom!
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    Thank you for purchasing tickets to attend our event! If you need to purchase additional tickets, please use the button below. 

    Purchase Tickets

    Never seen Dueling Pianos in action? Visit their social media below! 

    Dueling Pianos


  • December 2021: ¡Felices Fiestas con Corazón!


    What this month’s newsletter covers:

    • Complete your end-of-the-year donations this month by helping us secure tablets and meals for families! Visit our website or contact our office if you have any questions.  
    • We completed two house builds with volunteer groups on December 4th. Look to our social media to see them hard at work! 
    • Find out how much donors raised on Giving Tuesday! Thank you for your donations.
    • We’re learning about Mexico’s holiday season for this month’s ¡Corazón Classroom!
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  • November 2021: Día de Los Muertos and Giving Tuesday


    What this month’s newsletter covers: 

    • Join us and volunteer for a house build.  Please visit our website to register today.
    • Exciting news about our September Scholarship Campaign!
    • Meet Ana, a Corazón scholar and community member, in our community member highlight! 
    • We’re welcoming Julie, our Executive Director, and a new office! 
    • We’re learning about the significance of Dia de Los Muertos, Day of the Dead, in this month’s ¡Corazón Classroom!
    • Giving Tuesday is on November 30th. Read below to find out how you can donate. 
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