Corazón Building Community Across Borders

Corazón exists to serve the poor and everything we do is powered by people, people who are heartened by helping the poor.  Corazón relies on compassionate, energetic and generous volunteers, partners and donors who understand that they can make a difference by giving to the poor. Since 1978, Corazón has mobilized hundreds of U.S. and Mexican volunteers to work in the poor communities of Tecate and Tijuana, Mexico where many are living conditions that are simply untenable.  It is no wonder that nearly half of Tijuana’s population of 1.3 million residents live on less than US$200 per month.



Our Mission

Building Community by strengthening families, enabling service, promoting self-sufficiency, and inspiring mutually beneficial relationships across borders.


Strengthening families

We direct our programs on a family’s physical, educational, social, and economic needs in specific communities. Significant change can only occur if we focus on the family’s multiple needs.  The change must be desired by all members of the family, who are then willing to obtain training and education and work to improve their situation with the support of those who live in their community and from Corazón.  Resource limits and logistical limitations require that we focus on a few specific communities near the U.S. and our Tijuana office.

Enabling service

Participation in Corazón allows both U.S. volunteers and Mexican participants to work together in service of others, providing the rewards of accomplishing good works together, and a sense of broader community among all involved that crosses geographical and culture borders.

Promoting self-sufficiency

Participants learn they can improve their skills and take more direction of their own lives through training, education, and joining with their community to direct and complete activities; volunteers learn they can make a difference in other’s and their own lives through their work, initiative, and leadership. Both Mexican and U.S. participants are empowered by these accomplishments and experience a greater sense of fulfillment in their lives.

Across borders

 Joining together to accomplish these tasks break down sociological, cultural, and geographic boundaries and provide a sense of being part of a larger Community with common goals, desires, and dreams.