Corazón COVID-19 Protocols for Volunteers 

The SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 is spread by respiratory droplets that are released by people when we talk, cough, and sneeze. The virus may also spread when a person touches a contaminated surface and then touches their nose, mouth, or eyes, which can then lead to infection. 

Therefore, all volunteers must practice personal prevention, at all times, throughout a build day, including: 

  • When inside a vehicle to a build site (such as a bus if applicable)
  • At the build site 

Protecting Yourself and Others When Volunteering With Corazón

Wear a Mask 

Masks must be worn correctly at all times when volunteering with Corazón.  A correctly worn mask will fit over the nose and mouth and fit securely under the chin. A fitting mask should also fit snugly against the sides of the face and have sufficient room for one to breathe easily. Corazón staff will provide you with a mask should you not have one on the day of the build. 

Stay 6 feet away from Others

Being in crowds puts everyone at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19. People without symptoms may also spread the virus without them knowing. Therefore, all volunteers must maintain 6 feet of distance between themselves and others. Corazón staff will be on site to help organize volunteers in a manner that ensures everyone will not be standing together in large groups. 

Wash and Sanitize Your Hands Often

Hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol will be made available to all volunteers during a build day. Handwashing stations with soap and water will be available to all volunteers during a build day. We strongly recommend that our volunteers wash their hands with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds, before they leave home and when they arrive home from a build site. 

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands to the best of your ability when at the build site. 

Monitor Your Health 

Be alert for symptoms.  Please watch for a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms of COVID-19. If you feel unwell, please stay home. Testing sites for COVID-19 can be found here

Corazón reserves the right to end a volunteer’s participation if they choose not to respect our COVID-19 Protocols. 

The health and safety of our communities, staff, and volunteers is our organization’s first priority. 

Corazón will provide the following: 

  • Masks should you not have access to one on the day of a build
  • Hand sanitizer containing a minimum of 60% alcohol 
  • Handwashing stations

Corazón staff will…

  • Be screened for COVID-19 symptoms prior to starting the build day. Staff who feel ill will stay home. 
  • Be wearing masks during the build day. 
  • Disinfect frequently touched surfaces - including shared tools, aids, and other equipment - before and after each use. 
  • Help direct volunteers with COVID-19 protocols. 

We recognize that volunteers may want to take a quick break from their mask. If you feel that you need to, we will kindly ask you to step away (at a safe distance from other volunteers) to do so. 

We look forward to building with volunteers soon!