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Dear Corazón Family,

Thank you, Corazón family, and friends, for your generous contributions.

Through your support, we assisted sixteen families where members have lost their jobs and are in immediate need of assistance for food and medicine. Corazón will provide between $50 and $100 per family this week, depending on family size, to help provide food and health care expenses.

Our Mexican staff is actively reaching out to the Corazón communities, and there are many that still need financial assistance to bring immediate aid and comfort to their families. Please share this letter with family and friends and know that any contribution will be used to impact families in Mexico directly.

As you know, another essential part of our mission is providing scholarships to children and youth, to assure that at minimum, kids graduate from high school – since 60% of kids drop out of school by the 8th grade. Lucy Gonzalez has been working hard to make sure children and youth get access to their school assignments, so they don’t fall behind in school.




Here is what Lucy has to share –

With the current situation that we face, Mexico has taken steps to start offering virtual classes. Mexico implemented the “Learn at Home” program, a strategy that the Mexican government is using to maintain educational services during this national emergency. The Ministry of Public Education offers children and other youth to view classes so they may complete their grade-level assignments. Students are required to create portfolios that will be reviewed by teachers and serve as evidence that they are continuing their education.

For Corazón children and youth, accessing schoolwork through the

internet and a computer or tablet is not possible.

The government curriculum requires that most kids have internet access. Many of our Corazón families have a tough time accessing technology. They don’t have experience with these tools, making it difficult for parents to support their children.  Students themselves are having difficulty with this transition. Even if some do know how to use these tools - most do not own computers or have internet access. Students must depend on their cell phones to do homework, using their families already limited budget to buy prepaid data minutes. For this reason, Corazón is providing online supplemental classes and tutoring to help them integrate into the digital world. 

We created WhatsApp groups for each grade level. Each group has a Corazón staff member assigned, to support to our families. We created two videos to help parents learn how to create an email account and how to navigate Google Classroom. These videos are shared on the WhatsApp groups and our Facebook page.

The Corazón families and staff in Mexico are grateful for all the support from our volunteers and donors. We appreciate any financial assistance to support our educational programs and resources. 


Lucy Gonzalez

Please support Corazón kids with:


Internet Access



$150 each

Cell Phone Minutes



$350 each