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    Let's Build Something Life Changing. 


    In underserved communities, life-altering opportunities can feel like distant dreams. But at Corazón, a passionate coalition of volunteers from the U.S. and México unite with a purpose—to construct homes and unlock doors of opportunity for our neighbors in Northern México. Together, we're not just building houses; we're igniting futures for youth, adults, and entire communities, creating pathways where none seemed possible. Join us in shaping a brighter tomorrow!

    Pillars of Service


    We champion self-sufficiency, fostering independence, and providing the tools necessary for individuals to create their own paths to success.


    At Corazón, the possibilities are endless! Whether you're a participant, a volunteer, or a donor, there are countless opportunities to create a profound impact on the lives of others while also enriching your own.


    Our incredible volunteers are driven by a heartfelt desire to make a difference and an impact. They bring their unique talents and passion to help those in need, spreading kindness in tangible ways.


    For over 45 vibrant years, Corazón has been a tapestry woven by dedicated volunteers, generous donors, and grateful beneficiaries from diverse faiths. Together, they've forged unbreakable bonds grounded in the values of family, faith, and friendship. These connections transcend borders, creating a vibrant mosaic of unity and lifelong camaraderie with shared beliefs and enduring connections.


    Corazón Programs 

    Corazón Construction: To Provide Shelter, Security and Hope

    Construction projects, such as our home builds and house repairs, ensure that our organization can provide safe and secure homes for families in our communities. 

    Volunteer groups, led by trained and experienced lead builders, construct 16x20 homes for families in one day -- therefore no experience is necessary to volunteer in these projects. 

    House builds are sponsored by dedicated donors/groups. For more information on how to sponsor a home build visit our Home Build Sponsorship page. 


    Corazón Youth: We Build Character and Create Educational Opportunities

    Corazón offers accessible tutoring and scholarship opportunities for students in our communities to excel and achieve their academic endeavors. In addition to this, our Corazón Youth program hosts annual summer camps for youth to engage in extra learning opportunities. 

    Our Corazón Youth Scholarships are heavily dependent on donations we receive from our supporters. For more information on how you can sponsor a student's education please visit our Education Donation page.  


    Corazón Family and Community: We Help Develop Self-Sufficient, Safe, and Nurturing Communities

    Our Corazón Family and Community Program addresses the needs families rely on to raise strong, healthy, and sustainable communities.

    Our community centers, such as our Cerro Azul Community Center, create a safe and environmentally friendly space for our community members to meet and lead events and for our organization to hosts workshops for families in our communities.  

    This program focuses on the importance of health education and building necessary life skills -- therefore many of our workshops cover domestic violence, gardening, sewing, job training, leadership and more. 



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