About Corazón Scholarships

As part of our Corazón Youth program, Corazón offers accessible tutoring and scholarship opportunities for students in our communities to excel in their academic endeavors. Currently, there are 3 levels in our scholarship program: 

Basic Level - preschool, primary, and secondary grades 

Middle and Upper Levels - high school, university, and postgraduate

How do students join our scholarship program? 

Students who join at the basic level (preschool, primary, and secondary grades) are usually children of parents already participating in Corazón. Students from the middle and upper levels (high school, university, and postgrad) sometimes join Corazón on their own. 

Students register with Corazón Youth at one of our community centers where they are provided with the information necessary to apply for a scholarship. Once registered, students begin to actively participate in our program to volunteer in their community. 

How do students participate in our scholarship program? 

Basic Level 

Students at the basic level attend tutoring sessions given at our community centers at least twice a week. Students at this level also register to participate in an educational workshop. 

Middle and Upper Levels

Students in the middle and upper levels volunteer in community projects and events such as - summer camps, tournaments, construction projects, and workshops. Students are eligible for a scholarship when they register for the program and contribute hours that support their community.

Tutoring - Older students in the program volunteer to tutor younger children in their studies. The role of Corazón tutors has been especially important, as younger children in the program continue to request help with their online learning.

Summer Camp

Annual Summer Camp - Summer camp is a space for students to strengthen their values through play, sports, workshops, talks, and reflections. Our annual summer camp fosters healthy spaces and a self-sufficient community for the students in our communities. Summer Camp is for children ages 6-18 years old. Examples of past summer camp themes include Mini Olympics, Superheroes, Art, and Science. Summer Camp 2021 focused on navigating technology - highlighting the changes children and teens continue to experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn more about Summer Camp.

Summer Camp 2021

Donate to Corazón Scholarships

You can sponsor a student's education by donating to Corazón's Education Fund. Donations to our Education fund are used to help students pay school-related expenses including tuition, school supplies, uniforms, and other school-related costs. 

Corazón Scholarships are heavily dependent on donations we receive from our donors. Please consider donating today.


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