Summer Camp 2021

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We’re Back from Camp!| Our Goal this Summer

Our challenge this year was trying to figure out how we could continue our annual summer camp amid an ongoing pandemic. Our volunteers and staff worked virtually to plan for workshops and the student’s graduation ceremony. Here’s what they have to share with you!


Summer Camp 2021 Theme

You may have noticed that this year’s summer camp theme was Navigating through Technology! In addition to the workshops we highlight below, our summer camp leaders taught students how to navigate technology and the internet safely throughout the month of July. With education moving to a remote format, learning safety tips for internet use is key.

Virtual Workshops

Our virtual workshops ran for two weeks, with multiple sessions of every workshop each week.

I Learn to Recognize And Name My Emotions and Managing My Emotions 

Children and teens are experiencing difficult times due to the pandemic - anxiety, stress, and depression frequently occur. Addressing these concerns was of the utmost importance to participants. 

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

In collaboration with mental health experts, Corazón developed two workshops - ‘I Learn to Recognize and Name my Emotions’ and ‘Managing my Emotions’. The purpose of these workshops was to 1) provide resources for the students and 2) let students know that there are people in their community who genuinely care for them and their emotional well-being. Students talked about their feelings, learned how to address them, and found a safe space in these workshops. 

Caring for Myself and Caring for Ourselves During COVID

Caring for ourselves and others is especially important right now. That is why this workshop covered physical and moral values. Children participated in several physical activities to continue exercising from their homes. They also discussed topics such as empathy and respect for others in this workshop. 

I Learn How to Play Chess!

Chess helps players improve their concentration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Not only is chess excellent for enhancing one’s mathematical skills, but it is also an activity that is shared among different generations. Grandparents, parents, and children can each share, teach, and learn from each other through activities like chess. Chess was a wonderful experience for children to do just that during their virtual workshop. Students even showed off their chess skills at their graduation ceremony! 


A total of 118 students participated and graduated from this year’s summer camp! Thanks to our sponsors, students enjoyed a safe graduation ceremony- featuring food, games, and prizes! 

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