May 2022: Celebrando el Mes de Las Madres / Celebrating Mom

What this month’s newsletter covers:

  • Take a look at our April projects in our Program Highlights!
  • We have an open build scheduled for May 21, 2022! Sign up online to volunteer for the Guevara/Tracy & Friends project!
  • Summer Camp 2022 planning is underway - Find out how you can join our planning team in our Program Highlight!
  • Meet Gloria in our Community Member Highlight!
  • We're in need of sleeping bags and tents for our summer camp students - If you can donate sleeping bags and/or a tent for our students to use please contact our office!
  • We’re learning about Mother’s Day in Mexico in this month’s !Corazón Classroom!

Program Highlights 

Corazón Construction

The St. Martin de Porres and San Marino Rotary Club groups constructed homes for two Corazón families on April 30th!

St. Martin de Porres

San Marino Rotary Club

We were delighted to see so many new and familiar faces at these builds! Thanks to St. Martin de Porres and the San Marino Rotary Club the Joachin Herrera and Lopez Mora families have safe Corazón homes to live in from this day forward. 

Interested in volunteering in an open build?

Volunteer for the Guevara/Tracy & Friends project on May 21, 2022!

Sponsor your own home build! 

Are you a Blue Shirt? 

We're looking for Blue Shirts interested in volunteering for three (3) June 24, 2022 Latter Day Saints Builds. If you are a blue shirt and interested/available to volunteer for these builds, please contact our office at [email protected] and register online. 

Blue Shirt Registration

Corazón Youth

Summer Camp 2022

If you are creative and enthusiastic, and you enjoy working with children and teens - sign up to volunteer for Summer Camp 2022!

Please email [email protected] to express your interest in volunteering.

Community Member Highlight

Meet Gloria!

Gloria is this year's Don Mersch Scholarship Recipient. Gloria shares,

" I love how everyone in Corazón has something to offer and teach. They put love into everything they do. Part of my life goals is to return everything my parents have done for me to them."

Don Mersch was a long-time supporter of Corazón. He was the organization’s treasurer for over ten years. Mr. Mersch met his wife, Pat, at one of our projects. Pat continues Don’s legacy through a donation made to Corazón Scholarships.

Congratulations to Gloria for being this year's Don Mersch Scholar!

To support students like Gloria - please consider donating to our Education Fund!


Latest News 

Seeking Donations

Our staff in Mexico are in need of some items for upcoming programs/events. 

  • two (2) coffee urns
  • sleeping bags
  • tents

If you're interested in donating any of the above items, please contact our office at [email protected] or 

Donate a needed item through our Amazon Registry! 

Thank you for supporting our programs.

¡Corazón Classroom!

Mother's Day in Mexico

Did you know that Mother’s Day in Mexico is celebrated on a different day than in the United States? Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 10th in Mexico, regardless of what day of the week the holiday falls on. Traditionally, “Las Mañanitas”, or Mexico’s traditional birthday song, is sung to Mexican mothers to celebrate their special day. 


An excerpt from “Las Mañanitas” -

“Despierta mi bien despierta

Mira que ya amaneció

Ya los pajarillos cantan

La luna ya se metió”


“Awaken, my dear, awaken

and see that the day has dawned

now the little birds are singing

and the moon has set.”


Get a feel of the holiday by reading an article on Mother's Day: 

Listen to the Mariachi Mariposas sing “Las Mañanitas” for Mother’s Day: 

Thank you for reading our May 2022 newsletter. We wish all mothers and all mother-like figures a happy mother's day!

- Team Corazón