September 2021: Fundraising in September 

What this month’s newsletter covers: 

  • Donate to our scholarship campaign this month! Follow us on social media to support this month’s fundraiser. 
  • Meet Manuel Eduardo, this year’s recipient of the Don Mersch Scholarship! 
  • Read more postcards from Corazón Summer Camp.
  • We’re learning about Chichen Itza, a historical city in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico., for this month’s Corazón Classroom! 


Program and Community Member Highlight 

Program Highlight 

Donate to Corazón’s Scholarship Campaign! 

From August 30th to September 30th Corazón will be having a social media campaign to raise funds for Corazón Scholarship students. Scholarship donations made in September will be MATCHED up to $60,000 and any donor that signs up to become a recurring donor* will receive the chance to win a 2-Night Mid-Week Getaway with complimentary wine tasting at Zenaida Cellars! 

Help a Corazón Student Continue their Education. 

*with a monthly donation of at least $50


Community Member Highlight

Don Mersch Scholarship 2021 - Manuel Eduardo

We’re recognizing Manuel Eduardo for being the 2021 recipient of the Don Mersch Scholarship. Manuel was awarded this scholarship for his dedication in school and for the support he provides to the families in his community. Manuel Eduardo is a Corazón tutor who holds study sessions for students taking courses in  Math and English. He participated in Corazón Summer Camp as a Camp coordinator and held Corazón workshops on various topics. 

Manuel Eduardo is a senior at UABC studying for a Bachelor in Business Administration. Congratulations Manuel Eduardo! We’re honored to have Manuel Eduardo in our Scholarship Program. 

Don Mersch was a long-time supporter of Corazón. He was the organization’s treasurer for over 10 years. Mr. Mersch met his wife, Pat, at one of our projects. Pat continues Don’s legacy through an annual scholarship.

Latest News 

Additional Postcards/Messages from Camp! 

Recently, summer camp participants shared postcards with Corazón donors. Students have finished their postcards and they’re now on our site for you to read. 

Visit our Scholarships Page! 

Read Postcards from Camp! 

Donate to Corazón Scholarships! 

¡Corazón Classroom! 

Chichen Itza 

Photo by Mario La Pergola on Unsplash

Chichen Itza was a Mayan city and currently an active archaeological site located on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Chichen Itza is Mayan for “at the well of the mouth of the Itza” and relates to the bodies of water found beneath the city. 

Chichen Itza was built over rough land that the Itza leveled off to construct the city. The city features paved roads and sidewalks, an important aspect as most European cities had yet to incorporate paved roads. 

Chichen Itza served as a religious site for the people living within the region. The Pyramid of Kukulcan has 365 steps one for each day of the solar calendar. 

Watch Videos about The Pyramid of Kukulcan: 

Chichen Itza’s Famous Pyramid: 

The Secrets of El Castillo: