Corazón's 1st Move with Your Heart Challenge Comes to an End and Updates from our Communities

What this month's newsletter covers: 

  • After a month-long challenge, Corazón’s first virtual event successfully comes to an end. Read about how much you all contributed to MYH. 
  • How are your donations from earlier this year being used to help families in our communities? Read our program and community member highlight for this month. 
  • Giving Tuesday is on December 1, 2020. See what our organization has in store for this day. 
  • Learn about Dia de Los Muertos in this month’s ¡Corazón Classroom!

MYH Comes To An End

Corazón’s first virtual challenge has now come to an end. In one month, our supporters have fundraised $5,490.

MYH Leaders

Biggest Heart: Cheryl Wolocatiuk

For recruiting $750 in sponsored donations from family & friends!

Most Active Heart: Brenda Schachtell

For accumulating 44 activities and consistently recording their progress on Strava!

Strongest Heart: Paul Sicking

For most miles accumulated in the challenge!

Congratulations to our MYH Leaders and a big thank you to everyone who participated and donated during this event. 

Elvis, in our MYH t-shirt!

Program and Community Member Highlight 

Program Highlight

The COVID-19 pandemic put our daily lives on hold, and it continues to disproportionately affect the lives of people who do not have access to the basic needs we use to live a fulfilling life. 

With state and local government requiring students to learn remotely, many of them were worried about how they would be able to effectively learn from home. Parents were concerned about how they would be able to afford internet along with many of their other expenses. 

In this month’s newsletter, our organization would like to recognize how your contributions have been helping families in our Corazón communities. Thanks to your donations and dedicated support, Corazón can proudly share what we have done together for our communities.

Once again, thank you for bringing a peace of mind to our families in the communities. 


Community Member Highlight


Don Mersch Memorial Scholarship 2020

“In Memory of an Unsung Hero”

Recipient: Carlos, Chemical Engineering ITT


Carlos, a chemical engineering student at ITT, was just awarded the Don Mersch Memorial Scholarship this month. His dedication towards tutoring other students aspiring to apply to university is just one reason for why he was awarded this scholarship. His dreams of becoming a chemical engineer are even closer now thanks to this incredible scholarship.

Latest News 

Giving Tuesday 

Giving Tuesday is on December 1st, this year. Our organization will be fundraising to help Corazón families with basic rent, food, medicine, & utilities during this difficult time. Please consider donating to Corazón on Giving Tuesday to help ensure that the families in our communities feel secure this holiday season.

¡Corazón Classroom!

Dia de Los Muertos 

8,062 Dia De Los Muertos Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector

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Last week, many of our Corazón families celebrated Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. The holiday is a special day dedicated to remembering friends and family members who have passed on from this life. Families gather to eat traditional food and set up ofrendas --an altar often decorated with Marigolds -- to welcome back loved ones into their homes. 

Dia de Los Muertos was especially significant this year. On a day when the country is usually covered with the sweet scent of pan muerto [sweet bread], the sight of candles, and the sound of parades -- silence filled the air.

We pray for those who left us this year.