January 2021: Happy New Year And Updates

What this month’s newsletter covers:

  • Program highlight notice - becoming a sustaining donor and recent news 
  • We recognize Isela in this month’s Community Member Spotlight! 
  • Read about our organization's scheduled Board and staff retreat this month
  • We now have 2021 Corazón Gift Certificates! Read about our certificates to find out more. 
  • We’re learning about Dia de Los Reyes, or Three Kings Day, in this month’s ¡Corazón Classroom!


 New Year Resolutions

Become a Sustaining Donor

A new year offers new opportunities to bring out the best in ourselves. Our new year's resolution is to increase our number of sustaining donors this year! 

What is a sustaining donor?

A sustaining donor is someone who commits to supporting an organization regularly - whether it be monthly or annually. 

Please consider becoming a sustaining donor this year! A New Year's resolution that ensures Corazón families continue to have the support they need in 2021 is a great way to start off the year! 


Program and Community Member Highlight 

Program Highlight

Thanks to your support, Corazón was able to accomplish so much in 2020. If you haven’t already, please read about our accomplishments in our recent news, and stay tuned for more updates!


Community Member Highlight


In December, the Cerro Azul community recognized Isela for her hard work in supporting her Corazón community. A community member shared that: 

“Isela is an understanding, caring, and hard-working person and may God bless her [for being this way]”

We’re happy to recognize Isela this month! 

"In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it." - Marianne Williamson


Latest News 

Board Retreat

Our Board of Directors will be holding their annual retreat on January 23rd and January 30th, with staff including their input on January 28th. Meetings will be held virtually.  

The purpose of this retreat is to discuss our organization's programming and finances for 2021. Our Board and staff will review our contingency plans set for various construction levels and reassess how Corazón can meet current and potential needs for our core programs by:

1) finalizing our 2021 budget and 2) complete Executive Director recruitment for this year. 

We look forward to providing you with this information soon.   



Corazón Gift Certificates


It’s a new year, which means we have new additions to our Corazón Gift Certificate Collection! 

Please visit our website to donate in someone’s name and send them a beautiful gift certificate to celebrate the new year.  


¡Corazón Classroom!

Día de Los Tres Reyes Magos 

Three Kings Day

Día de Los Tres Reyes Magos, or Three Kings Day, is celebrated on January 6th to commemorate the day that the three wise men arrive with gifts for children. Children will leave their shoes, or a shirt, with a wish list on top for the Three Kings. 

Families who celebrate Three Kings Day serve Rosca de Reyes (King’s Cake), an oval-shaped bread with dried and candied fruit on top. The bread symbolizes a crown and has a doll figure inside that symbolizes baby Jesus. Whoever receives a bread slice with the doll figure inside will host tamales for everyone in the family on Día de La Candelaria, or Candlemas, on February 2nd! 

A Rosca de Reyes Recipe to try:   https://www.mexicoinmykitchen.com/three-kings-bread-recipe/ 


We hope you have a happy and safe new year with your family.

- Team Corazón