February 2021: What's Cooking in the Month of February

What this month’s newsletter covers:

  • February 12th is National No One Eats Alone Day. Find out how you can purchase tickets for our trivia games at Corazón’s No One Eats Alone Fundraiser! 
  • Our upcoming fundraiser is supporting our Scholarships Program. Read our Programs highlight to learn more.
  • We’re recognizing Samantha for graduating from middle school this month! 
  • You may have noticed our social media updates recently - share our linktree with friends and family to help Corazón raise more awareness about our mission. 
  • We’re learning about the importance of Mexican cinema and 1970s history with Roma (2018) in this month’s ¡Corazón Classroom!


2021 Update

Our Corazón Board with their Corazón face masks!

Our Board met for two Saturdays to discuss Corazón's Strategic Vision and Beyond. One of our highest priorities is our Comunidad program. Our participants continue to work virtually and this week, once Baja California returned to the Orange level, our participants made plans to return to work in small (less than 5) groups. 

Students applied for Corazón scholarships and $25,000 was distributed to 263 students! This is about half of our usual allocation. We were only able to pay $24,969 of the requested funds. Scholarship requests have increased due to remote learning and the need for internet, tablets, and other school supplies. 

Construction projects are still on hold. The Board and staff continue to monitor the situation on both sides of the border and we will keep you updated with any changes. Our priority is our staff, participant, and volunteers' safety. We are hoping to see you all very soon and get back to swinging a hammer sometime in 2021! 

In the meantime, Corazón is committed to being here as we continue to support our families with basic needs such as providing food, financial support, and increasing virtual training. 

Team Corazón  

Program and Community Member Highlight 

Program Highlight

How can donors support our Corazón students right now? 

Donations from our No One Eats Alone Fundraiser on February 12th will be used to support our Corazón students through our Scholarships Program. Students are experiencing unique challenges from home including a lack of internet access, insufficient school supplies, and devices like tablets for remote learning.  

And purchase tickets for our No One Eats Alone Fundraiser below!


Community Member Highlight



We’re recognizing Samantha this month for graduating from middle school in 2020 and moving onto high school this year. Samantha shares,

Quiero terminar la preparatoria, y después comenzar a estudiar arquitectura, porque es una carrera que llama mi atención y me interesa 

I want to graduate from high school and pursue an education in architecture because it is a career that calls my attention and interests me!

Congratulations to Samantha! We’re so proud of your hard work!

You can support students like Samantha today.


Latest News 

No One Eats Alone Fundraiser - February 12, 2021

February 4th, was the last day to purchase dinner tickets for our No One Eats Alone Fundraiser. However, you can still support our Scholarship Program by donating or joining our trivia games!  


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¡Corazón Classroom!

Mexican Cinema - Roma (2018)

“Roma is about daily life against a backdrop of social unrest, and the women who keep it all together” -Alissa Wilkinson, film critic and culture reporter 

Roma (2018) follows Cleo (portrayed by Yalitza Aparicio), whose character is a domestic worker for an affluent family in Mexico City during the 1970s. The film presents the class division between Cleo’s life and of the family she works for, even using language - Spanish and a Mixteca dialect - to paint this. Alfonso Cuarón (Director) intended for the film to focus on Cleo and her life - while depicting social unrest related to land and the 1971 Corpus Christi Massacre when a group trained by the 1970s government attacked student demonstrators. 

What makes Roma a beautiful piece is how personal it is to Cuarón, Yalitza Aparicio, and many people from the audience. Cuarón wrote Roma, “[...] as a testament to the women who raised him and populated his world”(Wilkinson, Roma review). For Yalitza, Roma was very personal because she also worked as a domestic worker, like her mom and other women in her family.  Thus, Roma creates a space for representation in the media and sheds light on dark moments in history - something we need more of. 

Roma holds more than 60 accolades, including 3 Academy Awards. 

Note: Roma is rated R. 

We hope you have a happy and safe February.