Our Progress, Giving Tuesday Report, and Corazón Gift Certificates for December 

What this month’s newsletter covers:

  • How are we combating food insecurity this month? Read about our communities’ committees, and their efforts toward distributing food vouchers for the holidays. 
  • Read our Community Member Spotlight to find out how a community member is supporting friends/family around them.  
  • Our Giving Tuesday statistics are ready. Read how Corazón supporters are helping our communities in the coming months.
  • Are you still looking for that perfect gift? Consider donating in someone’s name and we’ll send your loved one a gift certificate of your choice! 
  • We’re discussing the importance of Mexican storytelling and dichos (sayings) in this month’s, ¡Corazón Classroom! 

Program and Community Member Highlight 

Program Highlight

Food Vouchers

Many of our Corazón families are experiencing job unemployment due to the pandemic. However they continue to do their best, despite this taking a toll on their physical and emotional health. With the winter holidays near, our organization wanted to focus on how we can alleviate some of their stress.

Your contributions helped our organization provide food vouchers that our communities will be using to obtain meals for their families this month. These food vouchers will be distributed by leaders in our Corazón committees who will contribute their time and effort to support other Corazón families.

Additional Support

Corazón Mexico staff will also be distributing $2,500 USD in emergency funding -- depending on needs that might arise, including covering medical, rent and utility expenses. 

Community Member Highlight

Academic Coordinator 

Marcia is being recognized by Corazón for the support she gives to Flores Magon -  taking care of other community members and making sure that they have what they need to get through this difficult time. 

One community member shared the following about Marcia: 

"I want to thank her for the care she was giving to an older woman in our community. She was always supporting her in whatever she needed."  

We're proud to recognize Marcia this month!

Latest News 

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday was on December 1st this year. Our organization's campaign aimed to help Corazón families with basic rent, food, medicine, & utilities during this difficult time. Our goal was $2,500 and supporters donated a total of $3,240! Thank you for your support!

Corazón Gift E-Certificates 

Starting this month, Corazón will be offering a variety of gift e-certificates for supporters to donate in someone’s name.

What will your donation support? 

Your donation will be used to fund Corazón programs, including: 

  • Corazón Construction 
  • Corazón Education 
  • Corazón Family and Community

Corazón gift certificates include birthday, holiday, and general gift certificates. 

¡Corazón Classroom!

The Cultural Values Associated with Storytelling

Storytelling During the Winter Holidays

Tamalada (1990) by Carmen Lomas Garza

Tamalada (1990) by Carmen Lomas Garza

Storytelling in Mexican families originates from a long tradition of oral folklore found in Mexican culture. En aquel tiempo... (or in those days…) is a great opener to nostalgic memories, difficult times, or other important life lessons. Mexican dichos, (or sayings) emphasize important aspects of life -- often providing messages of hope, direction, and guidance. 

Storytelling in Mexican families creates a space to bond and share cultural values. And as we head into the winter holidays, many of our Corazón families will continue to practice this important tradition.   

Famous dichos to think about this month: 

  • “Todos somos ángeles con una sola ala, debemos abrazarnos si queremos volar.” We are all angels with only one wing, we need to embrace each other if we want to fly.
  • “El camino más largo, comienza por un paso” - The longest path begins with a step. 

- unknown

Important Notice Regarding Donations

As you consider your year-end philanthropy, we want to make you aware of changes to the tax law under the SECURE and CARES Acts as well as charitable giving strategies that have the potential to reduce your tax liability in 2020.

  • “Above-the-Line” Deduction for Cash Gifts in 2020
    The CARES Act enables a taxpayer who takes the standard deduction to still benefit from his or her charitable gifts. A $300 “above-the-line” deduction is now available for gifts of cash by a non-itemizer, but the gift may not be to a donor advised fund or supporting organization.
  • Gifts of Long-Term Appreciated Securities
    Giving a gift of long-term appreciated securities is in many cases more tax advantageous than giving cash. This is because capital gains taxes can be avoided on gifts of long-term appreciated securities. This can be especially useful in optimizing your tax benefits if you are not itemizing in a given year. 
  • 100% Charitable Deduction Limit
    For 2020, the CARES Act increases the deduction limit from 60% to 100% of adjusted gross income (AGI) for gifts of cash to charity (excluding donor advised funds and supporting organizations). The gift may be for any charitable purpose. 

We hope you had a happy and safe Thanksgiving with your family.

- Team Corazón