Wish List 2021 - End of the Year Appeal

We are quickly approaching the end of 2021, and our Corazón Board of Directors is happy to say that Corazón is ending the year with many blessings!   Our communities are remaining healthy and doing their best to rebound in the face of over one year of unemployment for many of their family members.  We were able to build several houses again this year, and the Children of our Corazón Communities have remained in school due to your continuous support of our Scholarship program.  We also now have our new Executive Director, Julie Delgadillo to lead our organization back into a state of growing service to our Communities in Tijuana and Tecate, Mexico. 

This past year our ongoing mission of building community by strengthening families, enabling service, promoting self-sufficiency, and inspiring mutually beneficial relationships across borders was once again accomplished, most visibly, through new Home Construction, Scholarship Programs, and our Sanitation Program in our well-defined and growing Corazón communities. 

Early 2021, we were able to deliver resources that you donated, through our Corazón office in Santa Ana, to our Tijuana office, and into the hands of hundreds of our families who needed them most.  With your kind and generous donations, we have made a significant impact on the health and well-being of our neighbors in Mexico and are returning to a normal state of operations. 

It is to those of you who have witnessed and participated in the life-changing experience of the Corazón program in Mexico that we ask you to open your heart and help us continue Corazón’s good work into 2022.  Our goal for this year-end appeal is $150,000.  In these exciting and challenging times, our goal to keep children in school and provide ongoing tutoring is urgent.  We will be constructing Corazón homes for deserving families again beginning Spring 2022. However, we continue to estimate fewer sponsored builds, thereby leaving a gap in funding, and with your generosity, we will be able to bridge that gap!

These are just a few of the ways you can make a difference this holiday season. 

Donate online at www.corazon.org/donate or return your check payable to Corazón, Inc. to 

1505 17th St. Suite #114
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Thank you in advance for your contribution. Your donation will be used to ensure our neighbors are safe and healthy and allow Corazón to start 2022 in good financial health as we continue to hire and rebuild our infrastructure to support our normal Corazón activities. 


With great appreciation for your continuing support, 

Mike Savage
Board President