Mike Savage

Mike started building with Corazón in 1988.  A mutual friend invited him to a house build sponsored by Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Church.  The house builds were longer then, and convoys of 50 cars and trucks were quite common.  At the end of that first house build, 75 people held hands as a Catholic Priest dedicated the house to the family in prayer. Mike saw the difference they had made in this family’s life, and at that moment, he knew Corazón was going to become part of his life.  

Mike is the father of two great young adults.  Many of you may have seen Mike and his children building together as Blue Shirts, one of the ways they have chosen to develop their Father/Daughter/Son relationship and to give back together to those in need. Mike is also a Lead Builder, Board Member, and follower of Jesus Christ cleverly disguised as a non-profit volunteer.