A Letter from Taurino Valle: Hope for a Better Future

Dear Corazón Family and Friends:

Perhaps you have joined us once, twice, or a hundred times on our Saturday projects in Mexico. If so, you may remember the smiling face of Taurino, our Mexican Construction Manager. For 12 years, Taurino has led our Mexican volunteers and construction-related staff, finding families who need a new or repaired house, arranging for materials, prep work, and security. He shows up early every Saturday to lead us to the site, introduce the family, and provide any needed support.  Always with a big smile on his face.

We asked Taurino for a current update on how Corazón staff and communities are weathering the COVID-19 challenges:

Dear Corazón Friends and Family,

COVID-19 has severely impacted Baja California, and we are not in a good situation. The number of infected increases every day, and our already broken health care system is not sufficient for the daily amount of infected. Our government is trying to help and make all the necessary recommendations to the population. The Mexican government has lost credibility due to its lack of responsiveness - there is much confusion in Baja California.

Less than 36% of Mexico's people are staying at home; the most common reason is family economic needs. With poverty in the country, people cannot stop working because they need to feed our families. Also, many people do not understand the COVID-19 measures required to protect their health. Still, others do not care about the negative impact it can cause and ignore the health experts' recommendations - they go out to public places needlessly.

The  Corazón community members have a better sense of connection than many other neighborhoods; they follow the safety and hygiene measures.

For many, this pandemic has been very difficult, and things have become more complicated. But for those of us within the Corazón family, it has had quite the opposite effect; it has given us a chance to strengthen ourselves and our relationships even more.

All the love, determination, and goodwill that exists in our organization has brought good results, and I am confident it will continue for years to come.

We still have a long way to go and many things to accomplish. We discovered that Corazón's organizational culture is a powerful and useful tool for community development - your ongoing support has made this possible through the current adversity.

Although geographically and politically, we are south of the California border, we are part of a beautiful community.

The support that has been possible for Corazón families is invaluable. You can see and feel the difference in how Corazón has impacted our lives over the 42 years. We are very grateful for because it is reflected today in how we are facing the current crisis. Having the right attitude and hope for a better future is what characterizes and defines us. And very importantly, we work together to achieve it. For those who cannot see the path forward, we need to make a double effort.

We need to be the example for many; we need to continue making a difference; we need to continue uniting our hearts and demonstrate that we want to live in a harmonious society.

The virus affected a couple of families in our communities, taking the life of a man from the Corazón community member in Canon Carretas. The family is sad and desperate due to the economy, but they have faith. Two other families, in Cumbres and Flores Magon, were also affected by a member having COVID-19. Still, they mobilized quickly, took the situation seriously, beat the odds by following the necessary medical recommendations, and are recovering from it effectively.

Today, as in the U.S., everything revolves around the COVID-19 virus in our communities.

Our faith and dreams are strengthened knowing that there are people like you who support us unconditionally and that together we will do it. We want to continue inspiring our communities, so that together, we will succeed.

Thank you again for all the support and effort you make to change the Corazón families' lives in Mexico, and I wish you all the best.

Taurino Valle

Manager, Communication and Construction