Tom McMillen

Tom McMillen has been a Corazón board member since 1995. He was President of the Board from 2009-2017, and was Vice-President from 1999-2008.  If you’ve been on a Corazón house build with him, Tom is the one who makes bad jokes in the introductory meeting at H-street and his wife, Nancy, is the one on the chop saw, skillfully cutting all the lumber for the house.
     He has a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Kansas State University, and a PHD from Caltech. Tom is retired from Chevron, where he had a 34 year career, mostly in Research and Technology management. Tom and Nancy volunteered for their first Corazón project in 1994 while members of St. Martin de Porres Church in Yorba Linda. They wanted their then high school aged children to see how many in the world lived and struggled. The whole family was greatly impacted and within a year all were Blue Shirts. Tom and Nancy also became active-behind-the-scenes Corazón volunteers.
     Upon relocating to the Bay Area, one of their missions was to spread the word about Corazón. Their gospel resulted in several Bay Area sponsors and volunteers. They now live in San Juan Capistrano where they are members of St. Edward’s parish which now regularly sponsors multiple projects each year. His children, now in their early 40s, are still Corazón donors, and son Kelly and his wife Jen, still active Blue Shirts. Daughter Dana regrets that, in Virginia, she is too far away to come for Saturday projects!

Board Member