March 2021: Scholarships, Mexican Cuisine, and a Construction Update

What this month’s newsletter covers:

  • Honoring Dat, a good friend of Corazón's.
  • Find out how much we raised to support our scholarships program in our Program Highlights! 
  • We’re recognizing the Huerta Lopez family for their dedication towards Nuevo Milenio. 
  • Read our latest news section for an important Corazón update
  • Try out our crossword puzzle and learn about the diversity of Mexican cuisine for this month’s  ¡Corazón Classroom! 


Dat Hoang

Our Corazón family is saddened by the news of the passing of Dat Hoang, a longtime volunteer and lead builder with Corazón. Dat succumbed to complications from contracting COVID-19 three weeks ago. 

Dat will be remembered by those of us who worked with him in Corazón as, "a kind and gentle soul who wanted to make a difference," "enthusiastic, pleasant and dedicated". He will be remembered for his "quiet and unassuming manner as a lead builder," and a "good and patient teacher" with, "a calm and easy style who thought outside the box". 

We will send out a more complete tribute to Dat later this week. We ask that you send us any thoughts or comments you may have about your experiences with Dat so that we may include them in our tribute to this kind, gentle, and humble man who will be sorely missed. 

- Team Corazón

March Highlight

Program Highlight

Our No One Eats Alone (NEA) event was a success thanks to everyone who supported our virtual fundraiser. Donations from our NEA fundraiser will be used to support our Corazón Scholarships Program and will help students with school related expenses. 


Community Member Highlight


This month, Corazón would like to recognize the Huerta Lopez family for their dedication towards their community, Nuevo Milenio. 

According to their community, the Huerta Lopez family: 

Doesn’t say that they can’t. They say that they can. They work shoulder to shoulder and are always ready to help. [The Huerta Lopez family] always have the right words to cheer up everyone and [they] never give up.”

We’re so proud to recognize the Huerta Lopez family this month! 

Latest News 

Corazón Update

Spring is almost here and in a ‘normal’ year this would be the start of our build season. But the past year has been anything but normal. We won’t be starting our build season in March. We hope that by the Fall vaccines will reach our communities in Mexico and we can start to schedule projects once again. In the meantime, we continue to offer scholarships and financial assistance for rent, doctor appointments, and medication.

Staff is beginning to plan a virtual summer camp for 2021. If you’d like to participate and lead a class, let us know! It’s a great way to still be involved during this time. Your participation could include anything - arts and crafts, yoga, meditation, math, science. Volunteers looking into leading a class will need to speak Spanish or have someone who can translate for them.

While Tijuana remains at the Orange level, restrictions have eased so that groups of up to 10 people can now gather. Sewing class instructors are meeting with students one on one. Community members in Nuevo Milenio and Cerro Azul recently completed foundations for two families who have been unhoused since last year. These homes will be built slowly over the course of the next few weeks, to allow community members to be involved while still respecting COVID-19 restrictions. COVID-19 protocol is in place at all sites and includes social distancing, masks, and hand sanitizing stations.


¡Corazón Classroom!

Mexican Cuisine by Region 

Try out our crossword puzzle to test what you learn in this week’s ¡Corazón Classroom! 

Mexico is well known for its diverse cuisine, from its more traditional dishes to its influence on food in other countries. However, what many people may not know is the extent of this diversity - with dishes varying in what makes each recipe delicious from region to region. 

Each state carries its own unique culture and Mexican cuisine can vary between 7 regions: The North, The North Pacific Coast, The Bajio, The South Pacific Coast, The South, The Gulf, and Central Mexico.  Note: Each region has similar dishes to each other but with their own small twists. 

The North

Known for its “ranch culture” the Northern region of Mexico is well known for dishes including grilled beef, with its most popular dishes being: machaca, arrachera, and a wide variety of cheeses that include ranchero cheese and requesón. The state of Chihuahua is well known for its asadero and Baja California for its wine districts. 

The North Pacific Coast

The North Pacific Coastal region helps supply grains, fruits, and vegetables to Mexico. However, it is also well known for Guadalajara’s birria, Jalisco’s tequila, and more. Having access to the coast, the Northern Pacific region also prides itself on adding seafood in their dishes including sailfish, tuna, shrimp, and octopus. 

The Bajio

The Bajio region of Mexico is famous for many desserts such as cajeta and arroz con leche. Charanda, an alcoholic drink made with fermented corn, is also very well known in this region.  

The South Pacific Coast 

The South Pacific Coast -  home to Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Guerrero - is known for many Mexican traditional dishes. For example, Oaxaca has 7 different types of mole: black, green, “little” red, Red, Mancha manteles, Chichilo, and yellow mole. 

The South

Cuisine from the Yucatan peninsula is influenced by dishes from Cuba, The Caribbean, and many more countries. The Pibil cooking method is used to make dishes like cochinita pibil. Pibil is when food is gently wrapped with banana leaves and is buried to cook underground. 

The Gulf 

Influenced by Afro-Cuban foods, food from the Gulf can include vanilla and herbs like acuyo and hoja santa. Peanuts can be used in dishes like pollo encacahuatado and in peanut sauces. Crab and crayfish are included in food here as well. 

Central Mexico 

Food in Central Mexico is heavily influenced by food from other regions in Mexico. Street food like taco stands and torta stands are popular here. Food from luxury restaurants is also found here. 

Feel free to share what you learned from ¡Corazón Classroom! with us on social media!


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