April 2021: It's National Volunteer Month!

What this month’s newsletter covers:

  • April is National Volunteer Month - we want to thank all of our volunteers for their hard work. 
  • We’re recognizing participants from our virtual workshop this past year.
  • Summer Camp 2021: Find out how you can volunteer and lead a Summer Camp class for the children in our communities! 
  • We’re learning about Día del Niño (Children’s Day) in this month’s ¡Corazón Classroom!


It has been a year since we began to do our work remotely. It was a big change for our staff, participants, volunteers, and sponsors. We continued to build something life-changing, as we always have. But now, sponsors and volunteers had the opportunity to see the impact of their years-long dedication. You could see how the communities rallied together. How Corazón’s infrastructure allowed us to seamlessly move remotely and yet support our families virtually and financially.

As we move into April, we are starting to gear up for a build season. We hope, if trends continue the way they are, that we will be back to providing safe and healthy housing in July. And while this brings back sponsors and volunteers, we will not lose sight that it is not just about the physical house, it is about the families inside. We will continue to partner with our neighbors in a way that meets their needs. Over the next 6 weeks, we will be sharing stories and information about each of our communities. We hope you get to know them a little better and will decide to support our scholarship, education, leadership, and financial assistance programs to further our mission of building self-sustaining communities.


Corazón donors are invited to donate to our upcoming Friends of Dat build in honor of Dat Hoang, who passed recently due to COVID-19. The date is to be determined, but we hope that it will be our first build back.  If you’d like to donate, please be sure to indicate this in the In Honor of field. Thank you.


*build dates are subject to rescheduling due to COVID - 19 restrictions. 

April Highlights 

Program Highlight

April is National Volunteer Month! 

Image: Map of Corazón volunteers who have supported the organization. 

We want to take this time to recognize our volunteers - your goodwill and effort are extremely important - and your dedication to supporting our communities is unparalleled and means a great deal. 

The energy and passion you put into this cause are inspiring and we are honored to have you be a part of our volunteer groups. 

Thank you for supporting our communities. 


Community Member Highlight

Virtual Workshops

From November 2020 to March 2021, several Corazón community members participated in a virtual computer workshop to learn how to use email and more features in Google Suites. We want to recognize the following community members for their dedication in graduating from our workshop:

  • Isela
  • Rosa 
  • Lucy 
  • Heidi
  • Ana 
  • Karina  
  • Josefina  
  • Maria  
  • Claudia 
  • Ma. Elena 
  • María 
  • Patricia 
  • Yaneth  
  • Claudia  
  • Guillermina  
  • Guadalupe 
  • Maria 
  • Angelica 
  • Adriana 

Completing an online workshop (especially during a global pandemic when remote learning is proving to be a challenge) is no easy task. We're proud of everyone - they did their best and succeeded! Congratulations! 

Latest News 

Summer Camp 2021

Our annual summer camp will be held virtually this year. This experience will be meaningful for the students in our communities. 

If you have an idea for an online summer camp class - or believe you would be a great class leader - please feel free to contact us at [email protected] to be a volunteer and let us know about any ideas. Classes can range from arts&crafts, science, music, reading, math, and more! 

Note: Volunteers who wish to be class leaders must speak Spanish or have a translator present who speaks fluent Spanish to participate.

¡Corazón Classroom!

Universal Children's Day is celebrated June 13th, but Día del Niño, or Children’s Day, is also a national holiday celebrated in Mexico every year on April 30th. The holiday honors children, their importance in society, and promotes/contributes to their well-being.

Celebrations for Día del Niño will look different in 2021. Schools would often organize the school day to include games and music, but, due to COVID-19, this will not be the case this year. 

However, Corazón will continue to create ways for the children in our communities to enjoy activities throughout the year.

Please consider donating to our scholarship program and joining our upcoming virtual volunteer opportunities to support the children in our communities.

We hope you have a happy and safe April. 

-Team Corazón