Taurino Valle

Taurino is highly dedicated to community development of the Corazon’s communities. He has been a loyal employee at Corazon for over 12 years. With his breadth of experience, he has played an important role in inspiring low-income communities to develop job skills and recognize their potential.  In 2007, Taurino began dedicating his career to social service work through the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC). He started as a volunteer with Comunidad Corazón and with a group of, he began supporting outreach programs for academic programs, participated in developing and managing scholarship programs, and developed activities for children and adults of the 6 communities. Taurino holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from UABC.  His educational background and work in social services field has allowed him to lead the programs offered by the organization in Construction, Education and Health. Taurino puts forth his best qualities for the community development projects through his strong leadership skills, honesty, empathy, teamwork, charisma and warmth when interacting with the families and volunteers that make this beautiful work in Comunidad Corazón possible.