A Letter from Nancy Gaspar

We pray that you and your families are healthy and continue to be safe during these unconventional times.

Dear Corazón Family,

We pray that you and your families are healthy and continue to be safe during these unconventional times. Last week you heard from Lucy Gonzalez, who has been working hard to make sure children in primary and secondary school get access to their school assignments, so they do not fall behind. In this week's "Corazon Cause," we introduce Nancy, who grew up as part of a Corazón family in Nuevo Milenio.  In 2013, Corazón awarded Nancy a college scholarship, and she is now an elementary school teacher joyfully serving her community. But, Nancy is also contending with tremendous obstacles because of COVID-19 and the technology resources needed to teach today. Can you imagine if we did not have access to the Internet, social media, and other digital platforms to reach out, communicate, and teach our children?

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Corazón Cause: Nancy’s Kids

Hello, my name is Nancy Jaqueline Leyva Gaspar. I received Corazón scholarships from 2013-2018, which helped me complete my education and become a 5th-grade special education school teacher. I am so grateful as I proudly complete two years of teaching.  Since the closing of schools on March 23rd—due to COVID-19—the faculty and staff have had to prepare and implement remote online learning quickly.

It has been quite a challenge for teachers, families,

and students, especially since only one student out of

thirty has access to the Internet, so getting the online

classes launched has been difficult—not to speak of the

requirements of social distancing, masks, and handwashing.

Yet, the loss of traditional classroom learning has also been an excellent opportunity to break educational boundaries for our communities who have all had to manage and learn new technologies that are so essential in these times. Teaching remotely has also brought the benefit of providing more communication between parents; the school staff has had to make a multitude of telephone calls directly to families. We have had to create WhatsApp groups to disseminate information and manage classes and virtual classes through Google Hangouts, which are scheduled once a week. All of us who are currently teaching through online platforms are fascinated by its many uses, including classroom management and scheduling, streamlined online assignments, YouTube courses, games, and more. 

I now consider the virtual learning environment to be a

fantastic tool for everyone involved. However, so

many of my kids and families still need the basic

technology requirements to participate fully.

We are so very proud of Nancy. Once a shy little girl, she is now a leader in her community, thanks in part to her family's continued involvement in Corazón. Our goal is for all of her students to have Internet access and to be able to use the online platforms that Nancy discussed.

The current school year is coming to an end, but we need to prepare for the new school year. The Mexican government stated that all Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary classes would continue with virtual learning through December 2020.  

Thank you for your ongoing support as we strive to help Nancy and the kids of                           

Nuevo Milenio. Your donations will provide them Internet access, cell phone                         

minutes, and tablets for the next year.