Everything we do is powered by our community of passionate U.S. and Mexican volunteers, supporters, fundraisers, and partners. Since 1978, Corazon, Inc. has mobilized large numbers of U.S. and Mexican volunteers who seek to impact the lives of people and communities in Tijuana and Tecate.



We Build Homes

Inadequate wages result in inferior and unsafe housing: leaking roofs, gas leaks, rotting floors, or no heating is harmful to a family’s well-being and stifles their ability to thrive. In Tijuana, even if a family saves enough money to buy a small parcel of land, they have little left to construct a decent home so, homes made of old garage doors, wooden pallets, tarps, tires, and other deficient materials are  common.  In Tijuana and Tecate Corazon builds about 40 homes a year.  While they are modest 320 sq. ft. (16 x 20), they are clean, functional and safe, and vastly improve a family’s living conditions. More importantly, a decent home strengthens a family’s spirit and gives them a real chance to drive their self-sufficiency.  


We Advance Education

Education inspires minds, shapes positive attitudes and the lays the groundwork to abate poverty. Low earnings in Mexico make it difficult for many families to escape poverty and the harsh conditions of poverty hinders human progress, that is the paradox of poverty. It is a well-established tenet that poverty can dramatically decline with education. Indeed, a better education begets a better job and a better job results in a better life.  For that reason, Corazon invests in the communities it serves by providing scholarships as well as educational resources, books, supplies, uniforms, training, tutoring and more to youth from primary school to university level.   


We Elevate Health

When a person is healthy in body, mind, and spirit their ability to function and thrive improves significantly. Access to health care and healthy activities contribute to overall physical, social, and mental wellbeing and increases the quality of life. Poor nutrition habits, harmful health behaviors and high obesity rates lead to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. And, combined with lack of access to quality healthcare Mexico has the lowest life expectancy of all OECD* countries.  In 2020, Corazon will launch a Community Health Worker program that will support communities through preventive services and educational programs.

*Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), for more info visit: http://www.oecd.org/about/

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