Spring Plea 2021

Mike Savage, Corazón Board President, discusses our organization's upcoming spring plea goals for 2021.

No one needs to be reminded of the challenges and hardships we all endured last year.  Much like 9-11 defined what normal life would be in the first two decades of the century, so too, will the pandemic define much of our normal life for the foreseeable future. 

 We have all faced challenges this past year - how to keep in touch with one another, how to get the staples you need to survive, how to keep your children’s education up to date, really how to just make it to tomorrow.  As we see the challenges our neighbors in Mexico are facing, and understand that they lack access to the same sort of support system many of us rely on here, we feel the need to step up as an organization and provide that support.

Older student tutoring younger child

Thank you for being earthly angels with invisible wings, I am grateful that there are such beautiful people. I hope you have good health and a long life. I wish with all my heart.
Ruth Liliana

Ruth Liliana lost her job due to the pandemic. She worked in tourism, but suddenly there were no tourists. Her children were being home schooled, but they had no tablets or internet, no way to do their schoolwork. Her husband, still working at a factory, contracted COVID and with that came medical bills and medication to purchase. It was overwhelming. Through her struggles she counted on her Corazón family, and with your help, Corazón responded.  As we did for Juan, who lost 3 family members to COVID, for Carlo, who moved to Tijuana to look for work; and for Julia, who lost 2 children to violence - we responded to more than 200 other families each with their own unique stories.

They have demonstrated resilience and revealed the true essence of our Corazón family. Corazón has provided food packages, distributed direct payments for medical bills and rent, and focused on educating children remotely by providing tablets and internet access.  We kept our entire Mexico staff in place, assigning each of them a community to monitor and support.  We kept our community centers operating as safe-spaces for food distribution and other needed assistance.  We also kept our participants in touch with one another by teaching them basic computer skills including Zoom and email.  We continued to foster the sense of community that is at the heart of our organization.  Basically, we kept listening and responding to their needs as best we could, providing the safety net the government could not.

volunteers cheering at a housebuild

House build in Nuevo Milenio, completed in April 2021 with COVID protocols.

As encouraged as we are by the promising signs that the conditions on both sides of the border will allow us to re-commence construction in late Summer, we are also realistic enough to know that we are going to need your continued, extraordinary support through at least the rest of the year.  We are hoping to get between 10-15 projects done this year, but the revenue from those projects will not allow us to continue keeping all of our staff and facilities in place, provide adequate scholarship support, and continue to provide the safety net our families will need until things stabilize in Mexico.  In addition, we are seeing skyrocketing costs for lumber and other materials for our projects, which may deter some house building sponsors from coming back at this time.

So, we are asking you to continue your support, even if you cannot participate in Mexico.  We need funding for our scholarship program, as many of the children will return to school in the upcoming term. There is still a need for food, medical supplies, and rental/mortgage assistance to pay rent and keep the lights on for our Mexico office and so that our community centers can continue our community-based programs as participants are unable to return to their jobs.

We are hoping to raise at least $75,000 in scholarship and unrestricted donations through this campaign.  Please help us meet that goal.  You can donate online at www.corazon.org or return your check in the enclosed envelope.

Your neighbor,

Mike Savage
President, Corazón