Corazón— We Hearten The Poor, We Hearten You 

Corazón exists to serve the poor and everything we do is powered by people, people who are heartened by helping the poor.  Corazón relies on compassionate, energetic and generous volunteers, partners and donors who understand that they can make a difference by giving to the poor.
Since 1978, Corazón has mobilized hundreds of U.S. and Mexican volunteers to work in the poor communities of Tecate and Tijuana, Mexico where many are living conditions that are simply untenable.  It is no wonder that nearly half of Tijuana’s population of 1.3 million residents live on less than US$200 per month.

Our Vision

To alleviate the conditions of poverty through
acts that will strengthen families
and hearten communities.

Our Mission 

Corazón helps poverty-stricken families cultivate lives of dignity and optimism to improve their quality of life.
We build homes that are safe and encourage healthier living.
We advance education by providing scholarships and educational resources for children, teens and adults.
We help communities realize their highest potential and create welcoming places for all to call home.