We provide care for families through holistic health and wellness practices.

Mexico is experiencing a health crisis. 


Obesity is rampant.

32.4% of Mexicans ages 15 and over are obese, and this number is projected to grow to 39% by 2030.


Diabetes is widespread.

16% of the Mexican population has been diagnosed with this disease, and it is the #1 cause of death in Mexico.


Unhealthy food and drink consumption is pervasive.

The average Mexican eats 1,928 calories of packaged food per day and drinks 43 gallons of soft drinks per year.


To improve the health and well-being of communities in Tijuana and Tecate, Corazón facilitates a variety of programs that include:


Diabetes Workshops

Healthy Eating Seminars

Physical Activity Classes

Health Education & Promotion Programs

Support from Community Health Workers (Promotores de Salud) 


Corazón is committed to frequently tracking the progress of its participants and ensure their recovery.