Cheryl Wolocatiuk

Board Member Cheryl Wolocatiuk first heard about Corazón through her parish St Martin de Porres back in 1994 when she went on a house build. At that time, she also helped with the High School program and there were many trips where Cheryl took kids down for the day. When she got her blue shirt, Corazón handed her a form with other opportunities to volunteer with Corazón, and thus became a truck driver. At the time, Corazón’s warehouse was in Laguna Niguel which necessitated cross border shipping of lumber and supplies. She drove the truck and trailer down on build days, carrying all the materials necessary for a house build and returned the tools and remaining consumables back to the warehouse in Laguna Niguel at the end of the build day. She continues to this day helping out as a construction Blue Shirt. About her long commitment to Corazón, she says, “I continue to volunteer for Corazón because I believe in making a difference, I can see change, I can see the difference that Corazón has made in the communities. Working side by side with the family you’re building for on a Saturday is very rewarding.” Cheryl relays that “helping families, building community, is part of our mission and I continue to hear stories and see people coming together to help one another so everyone will benefit in the long run.” She loves that Corazón does not "give and go", that the participants work and support each other in growing their communities. In Corazón’s future, she hopes to that we continue to raise funds for scholarships and other programs that will allow Corazón's families to grow and learn. Cheryl’s life outside of Corazón includes enjoying outrigger paddling and softball among other outdoor activities.